Tommy’s Tapas – Papas Arrugadas Con Mojo

Hi I’m Tommy Campbell and welcome to my kitchen. I’ve been to Spain and the Canary Islands a dozen times for filming, for stand-up and for pleasure. I fell in love with Spain’s relaxed attitude. Their exciting food. Their lush scenery, and a prostitute that nearly destroyed my marriage. Damn you Ricardo. These are parts of my travels that I’ve taken back with me and made for my friends, and maybe you’ll make them for your friends. If you have any! I’m gonna start this Spanish series off with a staple of Gran Canaria. “Papas Arrugadas con Mojo Roja.” Wrinkly salty potatoes with a red sauce. Sounds so much better in Spanish. Traditionally these were boiled in sea water. I live near the ocean, but I’m not gonna go down there with the pot and be like “Oh can I just get a scoop of water”. I’m just gonna add salt. A lot of it, that is key here. And just enough water to cover the potatoes You want a real salt water boil here. That’s what I’m talking about. Oh yeah, salty! So once those are on the boil you’re gonna have enough time to make the mojo roja. This is a no-cook sauce. We’re gonna mix it and let it chill in the fridge. Start off by rough cutting some red pepper and trimming some garlic. Add the garlic to the food processor Give it a whiz! Add the red pepper. Pour in some olive oil, red wine vinegar, spices and a bit of water. I’m using the staple chili pepper of Grand Canaria. Called “puta madre”. You can soak these for a minute or put them straight in I just put them straight in, give em a good blast of the food processor. The next ingredient may come as a surprise, it’s a slice of bread. Yeah it is weird, but it acts as a bit of a thickening agent and gives it some flavor so let’s do it. i’m using a piece of gluten-free bread because my wife can’t have gluten. which means I can’t have gluten. I didn’t choose this life. So add that piece of bread in the food processor gluten-free, regular, whatever. Now this is done, pour it into a glass bowl. Why do i say glass? Because plastic is horrible for you. It will leach into your food and give you disease so get a good set of glass bowls. They cost like twenty bucks and they’ll last you a lifetime and they wont kill you or give you man boobs. Just double-check it, season it to taste, then put it in the fridge. Let it sit there for a few hours. Okay. The flavor is gonna mingle. Your potatoes are done boiling so what you got to do is going to drain them and then transfer them back to the pot you boiled them in. You’ll see the salt start to all crystallize and form and that’s exactly you want. They’ll wrinkle out a bit. Perfect! It should take about three minutes Take em off that the heat, put them in a bowl set them aside. When we were in Tenerife we have these t-bone steaks and they were just served with papas arrugadas. They had the red and the green sauce. I like the mojo roja because spice. Spice is good for you, it increases your metabolism, your circulation. It makes you want to drink more. Yeah… that’s what I’m talking about. What I think is best, is to pull the mojo from the fridge 30 minutes before. I don’t think it’s nice to have ice cold ketchup with fries. You don’t want to get brain freeze from a sauce. When it comes to tapas, the more the better. I mean it’s great fun to have a few friends over, a couple bottles of wine and a table covered in all sorts of little dishes. But we’ll get there! As you watch this I’m going to make more and more and you can combine them all Id love for you to be able to make all these dishes so please like comment and follow for more of my Spanish tapas. Thanks for watching.

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  • Shane Crowe

    Dude , go to Vietnam. The food will blow your mind! Hey you make cooking easy to understand!

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