Top 10 Coolest-Shaped Islands & Archipelagos

An island, as you know, is a piece of land
completely surrounded on all sides by water. An archipelago is simply a group of islands.
I, Vexillographer, am here to share with you my top ten coolest-looking shaped islands
and archipelagos in the world. Let us begin. Number 10: Deception Island. It’s located
in the South Shetland Islands right off of the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. Kinda looks
like a horseshoe or one of those neck pillows you see at the airport. And check out this
eastern part of the coastline that looks like a straight line. It’s amazing. There used
to be a whaling station on Deception Island, which later got turned into a scientific research
station. But it didn’t turn out to be the most convenient place for a scientific research
station, because Deception Island is an active volcano. Number 9 is Tahiti, which is part
of French Polynesia, which is part of France. Tahiti kinda looks like it’s trying to split
into two smaller islands. The big part in the northwest is called Tahiti Nui, and the
little part in the southeast is called Tahiti Iti. Number 8 is the Auckland Islands of New
Zealand. They are over 200 miles south of the South Island of New Zealand, and there
have been multiple attempts by humans to live on the Auckland Islands, but they have all
pretty much failed. But for sea lions and penguins, it’s not too bad. It’s a pretty
weird shape, and I don’t know exactly what to say about it, but it really looks cool
to me. Trinidad is number 7. It makes up most of the nation of Trinidad and Tobago, and
I like it ’cause it looks sort of like a rebellious rectangle. Or a tooth… a very decayed tooth.
Number 6: Hawai’i, located in the Hawaiian Islands of the United States. I really like
the triangular shape of the island; it looks really pretty to me. The name Hawai’i can
refer to this island or to the entire state which this island is part of. To avoid confusion,
many people refer to this one as simply “The Big Island”. “The Big Island”: not that creative,
but I guess it works. Cool-shaped island number 5 is Qeshm, located in Iran. Qeshm is located
in the Persian Gulf, and I think you can tell what I like about this island: it looks like
an arrow! And if you look at it on a map, it’s like an arrow pointing to the Strait
of Hormuz. So if you’re ever looking for the Strait of Hormuz on a map, just look for Qeshm; it’ll
point you right there. It might make a really good cursor for geography freaks. This is the flag
of Iran. Point, point. Number 4: the Archipelago Sea of southwestern Finland. I did not bother
making this one out of paper because it includes thousands of tiny islands. Just look at it
on Google Earth or search for a map of it. It is amazing how tiny some of these islands
are. Many of the bigger islands in this archipelago are part of the Åland Islands, which sort
of governs itself though it’s not an independent country. It’s technically part of Finland,
but it kinda wants to be part of Sweden. Around 1917, Finland split from Russia. Shortly after
that, Åland tried to join Sweden partly because they have a language in common: Swedish. And
although Åland never really got to join Sweden or become independent–they’re still technically
part of Finland–but around 1920 they were granted autonomy. Basically, they can rule
themselves to an extent, but they are still under Finnish sovereignty. But anyway, the
Archipelago Sea of Finland: it looks cool. Cool island number 3 is the island of Hiva
Oa, located in French Polynesia, again, in France. This one I find really cool because
if you tilt it so that the map has west facing on top, it looks like a seahorse! Isn’t that
adorable? I love that. And you can find this island in the Marquesas Islands of French
Polynesia. Number 2: Sulawesi, located right on the equator in Indonesia. … Indonesia.
I got it. And no, I didn’t grab Monaco’s flag. This is Indonesia, see? I marked it right
there. This is one of my absolute favorite islands because not only is it huge and noticeable
if you look at a map of Indonesia; it is, like, made entirely of peninsulas. I really
love that northern peninsula. Look at that. It’s like a squid, octopus, tentacle monster,
or something; it’s great! Now, you’d think island shapes don’t get any more awesome than
that, but you’d be wrong because, in my opinion, there is an even cooler archipelago. At number
1 on this list of coolest-shaped islands and archipelagos are the Belcher Islands of Canada,
located in the Hudson Bay. Look at that swirly marble of geographic beauty. Looking at the
map, you’d think it’s part of Quebec, but it’s actually part of the territory of Nunavut,
created by Canada in 1999. The Belcher Islands are mysterious, hypnotizing, and stunning.
How does… seriously… like, how is it possible for islands to make that shape? And there
is even a small community located on the Belcher Islands, called Sanikiluaq. These islands
are amazing, and kind of intimidating to try to make out of paper, so I didn’t make it
out of paper. But it’s like, maybe you could make it out of chocolate. It looks like one
of those fancy dessert things in some overpriced restaurant. I wonder if I could make one of
those. I am a sweet genius! Anyway, thank you for coming along this journey looking
for weird-shaped islands and cool-shaped islands. I hope you think they were cool. Share with
us in the comments any other cool archipelagos or islands you know of. And thank y’all for
watching. Bye. Some of the larger islands of this archipelago are located in the west…
there goes India.


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