[Music] top five things to do in my life that will make it look sexy and awesome when going to my lab will most definitely land in Malaya port why small concrete jungle and a capital of mal guys but you don’t want to spend any time in there well guys is one of the world’s most great country so I recommend doing some research before you go there so let’s get started top one surfing clouds ice has 1190 island and the surf breaks and some of the best waves in the world [Music] the surfing season in the mall guys depends on the at home but mostly surfing is good from April till October we’re not professional for fusion pathways there’s a plenty of fun and mellow surf for you when a boat and discover perfect waves with no cloud in the water [Music] top-2 is definitely kitesurfing mullahs are also a paradise to play with the wind beginners can enjoy win and learn all year long advanced will rather come during the monsoon between May and October there is unlimited lagoons to enjoy the best private kite surf in the world [Music] continuing with water activities top three is just be imagine yourself on the motorbike but traveling on water [Music] swinging around speed up or get up close with the islands natural beauty while preserving its quiet harmony just keys perfect to take your babe for a trip around Allen [Music] if 15 enough try fun tubing it’s something that will make your day if you don’t like being soft like Chinese tourists as you see on the video ask local guide to take you to the waist for some extreme jumping girls will love that as much as you do on the strong for place is more extreme free diving the coolest way to explore my lives underwater world while knives are also equally famous for their underwater life bringing diving and snorkeling as key assets in search for a dreamy holiday between the coral [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Marga offers a fantastic visibility and have some of the clearest waters on earth with all year round water temperature from 20 to 30 degrees if you are scuba diver wildlife is a definitely go go [Music] most mellow and strong number five island helping spend the day on the private sand bank or go see other islands to suit your amazing adventure and embrace the nature [Music] oh and of course mild eyes are photographs of dreams to make sure to capture all your fantastic Norway [Music] if you liked this video and would like to see more of it just hit the subscribe button we keep uploading new videos every week as we’re constantly on the road if you want to see more check our blog for I skew souls calm thanks for watching and let’s see awesome hi [Music]

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