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Previously on the beach house, so you guys voted and it’s been decided today. We are going to be playing It just went into the space all by itself what He likes your taste your party better move posthaste we better move Go go go guys. Go Google. Did you just hear that? We got the game Our adventure car Rebecca Wait wait Wait, we have to do it slowly if there’s still poison gas in there. It’ll come out your Paw everybody hold your breath The poison gas is gone If both of us the poison gas the mosquitoes are gone, but the alligators still Americans are still in there, okay The back door and all the fog must have escaped Yeah, shut up shut the door for sure it looks like the storm has dissipated – I guess it’s not gonna last forever, right I’m really wet. I want to go see it. Maybe I can change my clothes I’m just gonna check and see if he’s still in there Okay, you guys stay back just in case okay Here we go The lion definitely definitely still in the room Okay, so nothing’s actually left yet except the storm has dissipated we should go If we go into a small space, then we can close it after us I mean, they’ll stay and keep contained whatever whatever comes out of the game. We can keep it like a contaminate You have a closet anywhere maybe the boys Let’s go in the closet then you guys that’s a good idea. Okay. Let’s set the store to Whatever happens like let’s continue here. This turn is next So James just went that means it’s your turn, Rebecca I Think it’s your turn Maybe you could use this shelf right here The Shelf it will cut off will work just as well as anything This shelf right here. Well, you gotta hang up your church post but Yeah, yeah, okay we’ll have to get you some hangers Okay, you ready here we go All right, Becca we have to dice and give it a dinner oh, okay Nine nine nine, okay one two, three, four, five six seven eight nine a Slithering serpent disguised on the ground it will wrap you up and drag you down on the ground You think that’s the only one Oh Yeah, there was – there was one that was underneath the door and then there was something that came down around here No I think it was like remember how we can try to contain it – that room he might get out from underneath the door though Let’s put something into the door. Okay, get like a towel we can stuff a towel underneath the door one pillow or blanket That one right there grab that blanket Okay, okay, there we go it’s stuffed Put something heavy on it or something. I think I was flipping around like crazy That was definitely a Cobra those things are very venomous it could kill you in a vise Wow, I’m so glad we got out of there I know Did you see I did will you of course I saw it and you wrap it really like right out of the air. Oh We can’t go in there Cuz of cobras we can’t go in our room because of the lion we can’t go in the pool in the pool room because of the alligator or and the piranhas Outside so it does look like the storm has stopped It wasn’t a permanent thing. I can’t go back outside and hide in the bushes or something. All right Mosquitoes anything I don’t see any mosquitoes. Okay, if you hear mosquito buzzing sounds better just try it. Okay It’s gonna look real quick here Now the poison gas is gone guys. Look there’s a mosquito cloud right there. It’s going by it’s far away It’s not coming over here. I think we’re okay. I think we’re okay, though Let’s go to the side of the house. I Feel like we need to just stay outside maybe because that way if there’s any poison fog or something, it won’t get to us. Yeah How are you guys all feeling? Are you guys feeling okay? crazy There’s still water in here. Oh I have to say though being out here in the Sun is definitely nice. I’m able to to dry out because I was so So soaking wet from all that water. So it’s nice being out here in the Sun for a little while, okay Who has the game let’s get it set up Okay, let’s put it right here. And let’s play the next turn whose turn is it? The Corbin’s turn. Okay. Here we go. Are you ready Corbin? Yeah, okay It’s Corbin’s turn, it’s it’s appearing Pretty flowers, but don’t take a smell If petals are poison that will make you swell pretty flowers There’s flowers out there In the movie there were big flowers Those are huge Get the game get the game let’s get out of here quick Quick go go. Go go go, okay Okay, one nice thing about big scary flowers is they don’t move anywhere Behind you let’s go Let’s go back in the house guys. Let’s go back inside quick Maybe the flowers won’t be able to come inside here. Okay, are you okay? Those were really did anybody get shot? I saw there was a couple of spikes that whizzed right past me. They were shooting up poison needles Are you okay you feel okay, okay Maybe you should sit down for a little bit. You might have stood up too fast. Okay? Let’s play the next turn quick it’s my turn it’s mine and I’m ready to go Sure Okay, let’s go in here and something Let’s go to set up right here Yeah, I like the idea of being in the room so we can trap whatever comes out. Okay All right, like a dice lucky dice hopefully I get a good roll here Nine Eleven, there’s words. It says a hunter from the darkest wild makes you feel just like a child Well know how hunter he’s probably coming after us right now What if he’s what if he’s watching this house Something There’s somebody out there Go go go go go stay together stay together Okay Just switch that’s just my dancers urban area, okay He’s hiding. Okay, let’s lock the door lock the door doors Okay, lock the door lock the door. Okay whose three is next? He’s trying to get him I locked it though, let’s I Think it’s too late for that. Let’s get the game setup and jibs and hurry up and go. Okay. Hurry up set it up quick In case it’s juniors trouble wait a second, what’s up? You’re only 12 away I’m getting really close I could do that in one roll Cuz it’s eight and six sided dice. I could get 12 one more turn in the game’s over Okay, it’s James’s turn though and I think we should go as fast as we can before the hunter finds his way in here Go for it, buddy Okay, there’s woods Mysterious force conjured up by a seer keep playing the game or you may disappear disappear James Since he’s gonna disappear No James pretty feeling, okay? Can you still hear us Maybe we just can’t seem like he’s invisible but hear us. He’s like totally gone James. Are you there? Can you hear us? You can’t respond. Do you know? Becky you should take your turn quick. Okay, maybe you’ll come back. Okay. Are you ready? Oh, I have so many spaces left there’s no way but I’ll just try Seven seven one Two three four five six seven Into the jungle, you must stay until someone rolls of five or an eight Although she’s gone Corbin Arvin Oh No Rebecca’s gone she got sucked into the game just like in the movie. She’s stuck in Jumanji right now Corbin she got sucked into Jumanji but mitch is trapped in the world James disappeared mom’s gone inside Jumanji. It’s just the two of us now One of us has to roll a five or an eight to get her back, okay The hunters got to be around here somewhere still we need to get out of here Let’s go Okay Corbin, it’s your turn dude we gotta set it up somewhere fast Um, he was just in there. Let’s go back into the living Let’s go back in here, okay he saw us in here before which means you might not look in here again quick if He’s coming let’s go the front yard Okay, put it down right here maybe we’ll roll a five Ernie right here put it down the clip quick, okay Okay, it’s your turn bud grab the dice and roll as fast as you can okay But that doesn’t count to bring mom back even though you got eight because it’s actually 14 you’ve got a 14 dude, so it doesn’t really count if I got me, but that’s not really that’s great I know but you’re getting so close to the end. That means we’re getting really close to finishing the game You got a 14 dude one, two, three, four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen And James to be back Line and from this guy he’s in a bad mood. Hold on. He’s hungry again. It’s not what does that mean? Getting the idea The game is not food So coming in from the sky Okay, hold it don’t let it go It’s a bird it’s coming Look look at Corbin the bird it got the game. It’s flying away Oh No, corely, the game is gone and mom is trapped in the game and James’s disappeared That bird was feisty, oh my goodness. Okay. We gotta find it. We gotta follow it We’re in trouble you guys all know Corbin. What are we gonna do?


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