Trump on buying Greenland: ‘Strategically, it’s interesting’


  • Vivian Stimpson

    Dump the ttrumper he's dumb as a bumper

  • Thomas L

    Greenland is not a loss for Denmark. WE LOVE GREENLAND and i am sure Greenland will pay back to the Danish generations after we have passed away. Trump think everything is about money…….well it is not !

  • Seamas Dubhthaigh

    So putting a golf course on Greenland is " Strategic " ? Hmmm or is it a cheap way for him ? I ques you can call that strategic or just plain Greedy !

  • mindminer

    Doofus! Is it possible to be this stoopid??? It's an insult! What would the doofus say if a country said they would buy Florida? (But then again – no country would…)

  • eyedoughnut

    trump brings the worst economy since the american civil war,greenland is not for sale,trump is mentally deranged and in control of the ENTIRE american military,trump's war with iran begins in september&devastates much of the worlds economy including here in america,be best

  • dr-kka

    Well, before buying Greenland how about buying.. I don't know.. health care for your own people you plonker!

  • Thomas Headley

    Another distraction from Thump. Keep ur eye on his waistline, not his lips.

  • Raghav Shankar

    "It's like a large real-estate deal". Dude wut?!

  • David Ramsay

    Wow. Just wow. Here's another two reasons why Trump is the worst US president ever: (1) He stupidly thinks he can buy a part of another NATO country and (2) He stupidly tries to justify his stupidity, out loud, in front of cameras, where he can't hide the diplomatic egg on his stupid orange face. Wow.

  • Barbara Smith

    One word of advice for Greenland: run

  • Jon Hall

    If Trump dropped dead today, it would be cause for a national holiday. How come these sick wackos with AR-15s can't seem to get their priorities straight?

  • T Electronix

    Look, even if The Donald doesn't know how ridiculous his comments are, his team *absolutely* know and are just using him to create another distraction from their plethora of scandals, f-ups and criminal acts.

  • Boyd Gilbreath

    Because he knows China is done with him. China is the largest economy in the world, the USA, third. trump borrowing a trillion dollars a year and spending it all to get re-elected. Over twelve thousand lies.

  • Robert Evans

    That is his immigration plan? White population, an ecologically sensitive Environment to exploit and glaciers to melt for bottled water plants. What could be wrong with all of that. It perfectly fits the Republican ethos of destroying the unity of the world and the planet at the same time.

  • Sonte Lena

    Denmark blah blah Denmark blah blah blah Denmark. We get it Donald.

  • T C

    Greenland isn't even for sale and yet he's wasting everyone's time standing there talking about it like it's gonna happen. The reporter's need to call him out on bs like this, instead they just go along. SMH!!!

  • Merrilou Neigenfind

    Who told President Semi Literate how to pronounce 'strategically'? How long did Donnie John have to practice?

  • Visteo Bman

    Trump should buy Greenland and get Mexico to pay for it.

  • Origami Mambo Project

    It's comforting to know that buying Greenland isn't 'number one on the burner ' but it's unsettling how seriously he even entertained the reporter's question and how long he spent outlining what he thought was his leverage and what Denmark's weakness was… and then just said it's essentially a big real estate deal.

    My god, with record deficits since he got there, our *president thinks about spending billions to buy Greenland.

  • El Loco

    The mere fact that this criminal imbecile still hasn't been imprisoned or locked up in a secure lunatic asylum tells you all you need to know about present day USA.

  • Leonard Covarrubias

    A herd of pink unicorns should be the next wise investment…

  • Ver Coda

    “Nice Greenland ya got here. Ya thinking of selling?” [Tips plates off table.] “Oops. It’d be a shame if anything happened to ya classy place like this…”

  • Betty Lonv

    Can trump spell STUPID!!!

  • Creek Walker

    How are you going to pay for it?
    Remember all of the tax cuts, you nincompoop.

  • olrik parlez

    The name Trump will mostly be remembered for one thing. Cheap knockoff attempts at bonafide excellence…almost always resulting in electroplate, deceit and mediocrity.

  • Gregory Scott

    Wait. We have money to even consider buying a country, but we dont have money for a plan like Yangs FD, health care, infrastructure ect. Sad. Andrew Yang said " the biggest lie being told to us is that we dont have the money."

  • Choppini

    Is not it sad that the reality is now more absurd than it could be ever portrayed in "South park"?

  • Shark Guard

    This lying, fugly clown, I have never listened to him. It cringes me, the level of ignorance he is.

  • Annette Grasso

    Harry Truman, Democrat, tried to do it first.

  • Ezekiel Yam

    Trump's talk of buying over Greenland is pure distraction, in the old days we say he's changing the subject on the issues plaguing his presidency. He is a maestro at that.

  • Rick Hard

    trump just repeats himself until you have to believe him. because if you can bring a fact up 3 times than it sticks as a truth in people's minds.

  • garnet stewart

    Buying Greenland would be a huge expense. Would we lose $700 million a year? At least give us an elevator sales pitch.

  • sng1867

    It’s distraction from the poor economy.

  • Pat Bhukkanasut

    And Mexico will pay for it.

  • saxyrep1

    OK, you protected Denmark ? OK, when ? And better, place Denmark on a map if you can. SMFH

  • Guy Tetreault

    It's thousands of time more interesting to deport Trump there, forever 😉😉😉

  • FrankDuks

    This dumbass wants to buy Greenland, but yet we can't afford universal healthcare…

  • Kapil Rupani

    How is a 4 times or 5 times bankrupt businessmen like TRUMP buying Greenland. Puttin and Saudi helping him or all Americans tax payers money which he has stolen gone to of shore accounts.

  • Zhu Bajie

    First Space Force now this? How about trade with them instead. He doesn't like trade, does he?

  • fedgov zombie

    Warning : Socialist Democrats triggered below. Proceed with caution.

  • Sha Voz

    What is wrong with buying Greenland, there is talk about it being for sale, I'm game, we got Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, but here Greenland is a dump, that's why they want to sale it. You people here are ASSHOLES.

  • Bjarne Hemmingsen

    Real Estate business….? Alaska and California together are nearly the same size as Greenland, but I don´t think Trump will trade Alaska/Republican areas, so wonder which other states he would have put in the basket for that trade…..

  • 5argeTech /

    This is Trumps "Greenland New Deal"…. FAIL.
    Greenland becoming part of the United States would be a STEP DOWN!

  • Rahul Mohapatra

    USA is becoming India..radical and chaos.
    But still better

  • Chris P Bacon

    With the loss of Epstein Greenland could be the next "Pedophile Island"

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