Tsunami December 26, 2004 Phuket, Karon Beach, Golden Sand Inn

This was brought up by the water This is remaining of our beautiful beach Oh my God, look at that! Look at all the rubbish all over the place The wave comes again, it comes again! Look at that! The wave comes again, it’s a tidal wave! Jesus Maria! What is going on? What is happening? Dear God! Everything will be destroyed. Never seen something like this Look at that boy! People holding on to the poles Oh my God! Look at the car! Oh virgin Mary Look, the cars are floating around Several cars are floating and sinking oh, look at the cars floating in the lake The old man is saving his belongings from devastation. He was in one of the bungalows No need to comment these images.
They speak for themselves Good God, the cars are still floating around over there Two cars The sea is still furious Oh, what will happen now, we have nothing left, nothing. Nothing to drink, no food Good Lord


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