Turning Ryan Invisible! We Got a Mysterious Package! / The Beach House

♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ James: And that’s why you always do what I say. (Doorbell) Corbin: Wait. The doorbell. Ellie: A package. Corbin: Stay here. I’ll get it. Corbin: It’s raining outside. But… Corbin: Let’s see what’s inside. Charlie: Yeah! Corbin: And it says: “To Beach kids. Caution” Corbin: That means careful Corbin: Let’s see what it says. Ellie: It said careful. Corbin: Oh a note. What does it say? It says push this button to turn Ryan invisible. Corbin: Cool. Corbin: Push it! Ryan: I know you’re watching Mr. E! James: Are you sure? Corbin: Yeah. Push it! James: Okay. (Bzzzzzz) (Ryan yelling) Ryan: I’m cool! Ryan: Oh yeah! Ryan: I think I’m going to go see what the kids are doing. (Footsteps) Corbin: Did you guys hear that sound? Corbin: Let’s go. James: I think I heard Ryan over here. Ryan: Hey, watch where you’re going! Corbin: What was that? Corbin: But we saw in front of you was nothing Ryan: Yo guys! Watch where you’re going! Ryan: You bumped into me! Corbin: What? You bumped into Ryan? Wait. Yeah Corbin: I just forgot. There was a package and we pushed the button. And it said push for invisible Ryan. James: And we turned him invisible! Ryan: Hey! You guys trying to trick me again? Ryan: I’m not invisible! Ryan: See…I can’t see my hand!! (screams) Corbin: No. You are invisible. Watch. Ryan: Really? Corbin: See! (Ryan crying) James: Here, let’s make space. James: Ellie Ryan: Hey make some space for me! This is tough. You guys are everywhere. Ryan: Hey, it’s like you’re looking right through me Ryan: Oh no! Ryan: Hey how did you guys turn me invisible?! This is terrible! Ryan: How did this even happen?! This is crazy! Corbin: I will tell you how it happened. Corbin: A package was delivered here and Ryan: Okay? Corbin: We found a button and this was inside of the package Ryan: Hey! Who told you to touch things that don’t belong to you. Corbin: And it said Corbin: It was in a box and it was a package and it said: “To Beach kids” Corbin: And then the note said push button to turn Ryan invisible. And we pushed it and now your invisible. Ryan: Well, that’s terrible. What am I going to do? Corbin: Well that’s how it happened. Ryan: Well, this is awful! Let’s play hide and seek! Corbin: Okay. Ryan: I’ll be it first okay? Ryan: One two three four five six seven eight nine ten Ryan: Eleven twelve Ryan: Ready or not here I come! Ryan: I know you’re here somewhere. Ryan: I found you! Ryan: I hear you! (footsteps) Ryan: Found you! James: Why isn’t Ryan coming to find me? Ryan: I’m sitting down right here. Ryan: Peek a boo! Ryan: Woohoo! Looks like I found all you guys. Now, it’s my turn. You guys start counting and I’m going to go hide. Ryan: And I’m going to be so quiet, you will never find me. Corbin: Okay Corbin: But since your invisible, we could probably keep our eyes open. Ryan: Did you say something? Kids: One two three four five six seven Ellie: Okay guys, I think its time. Let’s go find him. James: Ryan James: We know you’re hiding right there. Corbin: Get on that side James. James: Yeah, let’s pick it up. Corbin: There’s no one under there. (footsteps) Ryan: (laughing) Ryan: I can do whatever I want. Ryan: Vroom vroom Corbin: Hey guys! Our motorcycle is driving by itself! Corbin: It sounds like Ryan’s right here. Ellie: Yeah Ryan: Vroom vroom Ryan: Jump! (footsteps) Corbin: Ryan, I know you’re there. I know you’re playing tricks on us. (piano playing) (footsteps) Ellie: How did you do that? Ryan: I don’t know. Ryan: I’m just talented I guess. Ryan: I’m not over there by the way I’m over here! Ryan: Oh no guys, I’ve been shrunk down and I’m a tiny little person in a slow car. Ryan: Vroom vroom Ryan: I’m flying thru the air with the greatest of ease. Ellie: That’s so weird Ryan. Corbin: Ryan we know you’re doing this. Ryan: I’m a ghost! Corbin: Ryan, we know that’s you. Ryan: No it’s a ghost! Corbin: Ryan is taking this a bit too far. Ryan: I’m a ghost! Corbin: We can see you now. James: I’ll show him. James: I’ve got you! James: Ryan is being super crazy. Corbin: Push it again and see if it can turn back. (Bzzzz) Corbin: Ryan, come here. Ryan: What is it? Ryan: Yeah? Ryan: What about it? Ryan: I’m awesome! Ryan: And how about you? James: Well, that didn’t work. Corbin: I have an idea! James: What if the batteries are out? Corbin: Maybe Corbin: Let’s ask him to come out again. (Bzzzz) James: He still thinks he’s invisible. Corbin: Yeah, but should we tell him or no? James: Let’s keep it a secret for now. James: It’s funnier this way. Ryan: The horse blanket is haunted. James: I think it’s time to tell him. James: You’re not invisible anymore. Come here. Ryan: Hey! How did you get me? Ryan: I’m visible! Ryan: How long have I been visible? James: For like three hours or more. Ryan: Why didn’t you tell me?! Ryan: Oh you guys. Oh I love you guys. Ryan: Stinker James: I think we’ve had enough of this for a while. A very long while. I’m going to put it somewhere were no one knows. Charlie: Did you forget about me? ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

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