Typhoon ‘Noru’ to pass by the peninsula

Now we turn to our Michelle Park at the weather
center for the updates. Michelle, many people in Korea are planning
their summer vacations here in Korea. What’s it going to be like this weekend? Well, first some somewhat good news. There’s now a higher chance that the typhoon
‘NORU’ will change its path,… dodging the Korean peninsula and heading towards Kyushu,
Japan. So, the waters of Jeju will have some big
waves. But due to the instability in the atmosphere,
you’ll see some precipitation anyway. There will be some showers in some places
down south tomorrow. And on Sunday, it will rain in the central
part of the country due to the influence of the low-pressure front passing up north,…
while by then it’ll be just cloudy in the south. Temperature wise, tomorrow Seoul will wake
up to 28 degrees Celsius while Daegu and Busan start the day at 25 and 26 degrees. Tomorrow, you’ll see the peak of the heatwave
with Seoul topping out at 36 degrees while Gwangju and Busan peak at 36 and 33 degrees. I’ll leave you with the weather conditions
around the world.


  • Gas Mask

    Very nice looking weather girl and enjoy your style of news, thanks

  • Miike08 Pennia

    A lot of hot weather round Korea and hope every can stay cool. Nice background photo of the beach with the umbrellas of white and blue!!!! Michael looks amazing in the dark red dress as well in presenting the weather!!!

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