U.S. Army Chief says war on Korean Peninsula would be difficult and dangerous

A top U.S. military official says any new
war on the Korean Peninsula would be incredibly difficult and dangerous.
His comments came as another official warned the ballistic missile threat posed by North
Korea to the mainland United States has developed from a “theoretical” consideration to a “practical”
concern. Arirang News’ Kwon So-a reports. The United
States has once again warned of the increasing threat posed by North Korea,… saying a war
on the Korean Peninsula, should it ever break out again, would be incredibly difficult and
extremely dangerous. This according to U.S. Army Chief of Staff
General Raymond Odierno, when he was asked which part of the world would be the most
dangerous to deploy U.S. troops in the case of future contingencies.
Speaking at a forum at the Center for Strategic and International Studies on Thursday, Odierno
stressed his worry about North Korea’s miscalculations and the importance of U.S. support to South
Korea. The latest comments by a leading another U.S.
military figure show the U.S. is growing increasingly concerned by the ballistic missile threat
posed by North Korea. At a Senate hearing Thursday, General Charles
Jacoby, head of the Northern Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command, said that,
while threats to U.S. national security were becoming gradually more imperceptible, the
U.S. military could make a confident assessment of where North Korea is in terms of ballistic
missile capability. “Tangible evidence of North Korean and Iranian
ambitions confirms that limited ballistic missile threat to the homeland has matured
from a theoretical to a practical consideration.” He added that his agencies were working with
the Missile Defense Agency to deal with the potential proliferation of dangerous technologies
to other states or terrorist groups. North Korea has developed and tested a number
of short- and medium-range missiles, including a series of Scud missile and short-range projectile
firings in recent weeks, but analysts have generally discounted claims the regime has
the capability to construct a miniature nuclear device for intercontinental ballistic missile delivery.
Experts worry that, if Pyongyang does possess such technology, the regime will pose a much
greater security threat to South Korea, Japan and the United States.
Kwon Soa, Arirang News.

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