¿Una fotografía irrepetible? – Borneo, 2018. (aceite de palma)

Some people have asked that their faces not to be shown, as they have received threats. “Orang – utan” in Indonesian means “man of the jungle”. 97% of their DNA is the same with us. With humans. So we should have compassion to them. The main problem is the conversion of the forests to be opened as palm oil plantations. To clear it, the easier way is… to burn. Our forests will last maybe around 50 years. Palm oil is used for many things: from cooking oil until chocolate, cosmetics and so on. They just see the profit for the company but not the loss for the whole society. Anything that can be done, even raising awareness, every effort matters. There should be a clear message: this has to be stopped. To get that message out, we’ve come till here. [Trapa chocolates presents
AN UNREPEATABLE PHOTOGRAPH?] We’ve come all the way to Indonesia, the world’s leading producer of palm oil. Here, in the island of Borneo, the planet’s second lung, the photographer Anne Roig will help us get the image we’re looking for. A photograph of an endangered forest that we’ll take today, and try to repeat in a few months, in the same place, to see whether or not the forest remains intact. [Do Not Enter] They’ll probably destroy it They’re taking more land and they’re just going to go on and on… The palm oil industry would never allow us to take a photo like this. So in order to not raise suspicions,
we’ve told everyone… that this just a regular photo shoot
for a fashion magazine. Very, very seriously: nobody can know
what we’re actually doing here. ¿OK? We’re deep inside a primary forest
that has not been touched by man, although it’s threatened
by all the surrounding palm fields. And after several days of travel,
we’ve finally reached our destination. This is the spot. Yeah. We have the point. [Central Kalimantan, BORNEO] We’re here in the middle of the jungle… And I hope, and I believe, that my anger in this photo will motivate people to stop thinking and start acting. [AN UNREPEATABLE PHOTOGRAPH?] At TRAPA we’ve already eliminated palm oil from our latest varieties, and in 2019 we will remove it from all of our products.

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