Upper Peninsula Weather Forecast 11/19-20

well we had a weak system make his way through the region earlier today and it didn’t really bring much snow very light stuff but as we head into the overnight behind it will be another shot of arctic air and that will start to produce more lake-effect snows where you can see it’s starting to really activate the watches and warnings graphic let’s go ahead and talk about what’s happening we do have a lake effect snow advisory in effect for Bergen County houghton county ki-moon account e on to noggin and Gogebic county until 7pm tomorrow anywhere between 6 to 12 inches of snow can be expected and also winds will be anywhere between 20 to 25 miles per hour gusting at time so that will create very low visibilities and for us into Alger County and northern Schoolcraft County just expecting a little more with the lake effect snow warning there as we could see over 12 inches of snow looks like right now and to be between 10 to 16 to maybe even 18 inches in those locations let’s take a look now what our radar is looking like a lot of light snow as you go off further to the south as we do have that center of the low-pressure system currently making its way through a lower michigan but a lot of light snow is still around the area and we’ll see that and that will continue for the next few hours it looks like the lake effect won’t really begin until we make our way closer to midnight and that’s when we will start to see it ramped up right now we are at 16 degrees so either way it is very chilly west northwest winds at 80 miles per hour and bringing our real field temperatures down into the single digits is another January like day across the European 18 for us here barket off to the west 21 degrees in Austin noggin 19 in ironwood while seeing more the upper teens down in Tampa nominee for us off to the east lower 20s in munising and manistique 19 degrees in escanaba man for us here in two ish remain we’re at 18 degrees but we are beginning to see that wind shift because earlier today we saw more than west south westerly flow now is coming in from the west northwest and apparently at 12 miles per hour and Holton 78 Marquette and at 10 in escanaba they’ll provide prime conditions for the lake effect snow to really generate as we go into the evening and temperatures are in the 20s and maybe in the 30s as you go farther south 30 degrees currently in Grand Rapids 31 in Flint and at 32 and grant and down into Detroit but temperatures for our windchills they are very chilly out there five degrees and Marquette five also and Iron Mountain wallet I’ve only in iron wood those will be possibly below that zero Degree mark as we head into the overnight with winds beginning to pick up and temperatures beginning to fall like effects know for us it will begin throughout the night and then we’ll see more of it as we head throughout the day on Thursday which will be a snowy and cold afternoon for us but the arctic air holds on for just one more day it looks like friday will keep their cooler air in place within as we head into the weekend it looks like sweet relief is on the way as well start to see those numbers of bounce back up into the 30s but let’s take a look at what we are expecting in terms of snowfall forecast 12 inches more than 12 inches as you go into Northern schoolcraft County and here into Alger County and that is where the warnings currently are but a wide area of three to six and then a little farther off to the west where they have the advisories in effect six to twelve well as we’ve seen today that weak system worked his way to off to the east bringing down that cooler air mass on the backside and tomorrow we’ll see more of it but a lot of the moisture will push out of here by tomorrow evening and that will start to provide more of a clearer sky as we head into tomorrow night which should allow things to really cool off for us maybe more of us will see more the single digits as opposed to the teens like we will see tonight our Futurecast model intense cold is holding on for dear life will see that like affects nails continue for us throughout the day on Thursday but they will begin to break apart by tomorrow evening and tomorrow night the intense cold and that will loosen this grips a bit as we head closer to the weekend and we’ll see that things warm up a bit now we’ll be looking out for wintry mix possibly as we head into a Saturday night and they’re looking out for it maybe early Sunday morning for tonight will be at nine degrees snow showers on the waist west northwest winds at 10 to 20 for tomorrow and it’s just going to continue the cold and the snow and the wind will be around yet again for us temperatures and the low to mid teens will call for 14 in loans 13 degrees in ontonagon and 17 in Florence while at 17 and Iron Mountain our seven-day forecast Thursday and Friday looks to be the last two days of this arctic chill before things do warm up for is heading into the weekend above freezing on Saturday and Sunday and when will be expecting more of a rain shower and then things will cool off as we get into the middle portions of next week

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