US team on Korean peninsula ahead of canceled summit


  • G M

    Is the summit on or off?

  • John Dallara


  • THarrison004

    This is just eating up the Democrats and Liberals,they don't want Trump to succeed,i pray he does it would be wonderful for the world if we all could get along and get rid of these Nukes at the same time.

  • clockguy2

    Greg Palkot with his speech patterns almost sounds like the announcer on the People's Court TV show.

  • Prince Amoah


  • Missie

    The EU & UK are now Police States hurting the European people,,,, So why did FOX5 ATLANTA just now report on a MUSLIM INVADER in France, and his fake hero story?..And on another goofy story from some other rogue Country, about a pregnant cat named ALLAH?

    Im afraid the Muslim Brotherhood, Barry, and Soros have taken over Atlanta. Our local news speaks of MOVE ON DOT ORG like they're good guys, and some kind of morally upright "Leadership" in Georgia, when theyre REALLY terrorists, and enemies of the state.

  • luo weiqiang

    meeting will take place on North Korean side of DMZ , Trump and Kim will have a burger for all to see . What is not known is the burger(s) are made in South Korea …. hahahahaha

  • G M

    Liberals in California want the talks to fail. But wonder what part of the US would be hit by a nuke first? 🤔 California???

  • hyou zan ren

    Trump ON/OFF negotiation seem at ON for now!

  • Paul Smith

    MAGA!! Winning!! Nobel prize!! 2020!!

  • Jacko

    Three way summit probably best way to go.Moon seems to have a bit of respect with Kim so likely more chance of some sort of success with him there.

  • Lasno Haja

    Sorry Mr.Trump, NoKo will not conduct its "super-powerful EMP" attack on United States. Our KMS-3 and KMS-4 satellites are just " having joy flying " over US from the South. US-NoKo Summit would be great for both of us.

  • Thyalwaysseek

    So wait, the meeting is still cancelled? I'm lost, I thought it was back on.

  • walt7500

    V S G ! K A G !

  • ray bon

    All they want is the perpetuation of there dynasty.

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