Vattenkrig på landet VLOGG

-Harry, how are you?
-I’m fine. Let’s shoot mommy with slime. -Slime?
-Yes. -Where is she?
-She’s over there, reading. -Forget slime. Let’s shoot her with a water gun.
-Ok, here. We have to fill it, be quiet. Let’s go. Attack! Shoot her! No! I can’t get back at you because of the camera. You’re so mean. Hey, stop it! This camera shouldn’t be close to water. We accidentally drenched it in a water slide in our last vlog. We don’t even know if it’s working properly. Harry, listen to me.. I’d love to have a water gun war with you later but we have to use our GoPro that’s waterproof. -What are you doing?
-I’m cooling off my head. It’s so warm. It’s super hot, it’s a heatwave in Sweden now. We’re by our cabin in Stockholm Archipelago. Those of you who’s followed us for a while have been here before. Look who’s there.. -Hey Alma, how are you?
-I’m fine. -Are you warm?
-Yes, and a bit tired. This is our little house. Our unfinished kitchen, we haven’t got water indoors. -Here’s the parents bedroom.
-You mean our bedroom. We sleep in the larger bedroom and the kids sleep in here. Everything’s semifinished. If you saw our Fortnite Dance Challenge video, you might remember our dream; to finish this house. Hands up! Oh no. We are happy and proud to present a collaboration with…. hang on…. Are you ready? Fredells. Our plot is full of building materials. What’s happening? Will we finally be done renovating our cabin? Yes! And we will build an extension to our little house as well. -We’ll build a castle.
-I wish. Let’s show our plans. This is our outdoor sink, where we wash our hands and do the dishes. It will go away. -Many dirty plates here.
-Yes, at the moment. Kids, I need your help to show what’s going to happen here. Harry stand over here, and Alma down there. You are corners in the new extension of the house. Our front door will be here. You open it and enter into a hallway. And this will be a new bedroom for me and Joanna. It will be a verandah around the extension. Our old bedroom will be the kids bedroom. And their old bedroom will be a bathroom. We will get help from carpenters and we will do some of it by ourselves. We will bring you along. But you don’t have to worry, our channel will not turn into a building show. We will mix it with our normal vlogs and fun challenges This is a fun thing for us and the two corners over there will help out with building and painting. We like to do stuff together as a family and this is a family project. Water gun battle! -How much fun isn’t it to fight with water guns?
-Great fun. -Will you help me cook?
-No, I’m going to watch Teen Turtles…Ni..Ni..Ni. -You’re going to watch something?
-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Ok, I’ll make dinner for the family then. But I have to do the dishes first. I can admit that I wont miss this way to do the dishes. Oh, it’s bright outside but the sun is gone. I’m so happy that the building materials are well packed. Considering the water war. Can you imagine if we would have ruined it. I’m going to plant potatoes in this old boat. It’s a bit late but I have good potatoes with sprouts. I think a thunderstorm is coming. It’s dark. Oh, I heard. Oh, I heard it too. The rain is coming. Help me to get the cushions. Good work. We have to move fast. In there. It’s still warm, although it’s rain and windy. Let’s go inside and cook. What a change of weather. Yes, it’s the first rain for several weeks. -Please start.
-Thank you. -Do you like it Alma?
-Yes, pasta and chicken nuggets. -You know what, it’s not chicken in those nuggets.
-Really? What’s inside? -They’re vegetarian.
-Really? How can they taste so good? The sun is out again. -We have a snail!
-Oh, what’s happening here? It’s a fence.The snail is inside, the first obstacle is easy but it gets harder. We have a Question of the Day that suits the dinner. Bella Gren is asking; Would you rather eat vegetables or meat for the rest of your life? -Meat, meat, meat. I’m a meat person.
-Salad. -Vegetables, why?
-Cucumber. Vegetables is my choice as well. Could you eat this snail for example? I want to eat vegetables. I eat mostly vegetarian so it’s easy for me. Vegetables. We made a decision earlier. To always have water gun war when we’re here on warm days. It’s so much fun! It’s a good element in the summer. We love to be out here and our cabin has been semi-finished for a long time. Two years now. So we’re super happy that Fredells will help us to get this done once and for all. And thankful. Thank you for watching this video. Please leave a thumb up or down. Comment, post questions and take care until next time. Bye!


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