Hello, how are you? My name is Mateu and in this small video I am going to show you the experience that I had in Feridhoo a Maldives island 100% wild I hope you enjoy the video in the island lives 700 people native people, people that born here (Maldives) people who are muslims here, close to us (we are living) there is a musk and every morning and the evening you can heard how they are praying in my view, this is more real because, when I was preparing and getting information about Maldives one thing that I didn’t want to do, was not going a touristy resort that looks like that you are in Europe I saw this when I arrived to Maldives airport I mean people arrive to the airport and they don’t go to the city they don’t any contact with the local people when they arrive, in the same place they take a small hydro plane to go their resorts and they spent there the whole holidays and they don’t do anything else certainly, you are wondering, what the reasons were that I chose this island basically, it was for three reasons the first reason is for the extend coral reef surface if you go to Internet and check the Maldives islands you will see that there are a lot of islands without this feature but these islands have small coral reef and rapidly fall to deep sea the second reason, it’s because they have opened a diving center a diving with good prices that has twenty diving spots and finally, the last reason is the price Feridhoo (as being an island that just opened to the tourism) has a very good competitive prices comparing with the rest of islands currently, the island has only two guest houses it has the Feridhoo inn and Sevinex inn I was in the second one (Sevinex inn) and I have to say that my experience was really good this is the hotel well, actually this is not a hotel, but a guest house it has four rooms, with the maximum capacity would be between 8 to 10 people also, I have to say that the owner is a very good guy he took care us very well regarding the diving, I can say also that it was excellent this diving that just started, it’s managed by two italian people and the true is that all their equipment is absolutely new, the compresor, the boat are new well, because, they have started (this is logic) even the boat and the facilities were perfect for any enquiries, any doubts, comment to me if you liked, please give to a Youtube like and we will see in the next video ciaoooo!!!

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