Walk to the MILOS beach – Kako doci do Milos plaze / Lefkada

I’m going from the place where is the entrance to the village of Agios Nikitas. You can not go by a car. I’m apologize for the shaking video, camera was placed on the fridg, I had a lot of things. But you can see the way to the beach. You go first down the street of the village, then turn left. Do not try to park a car in a village, I personally saw how Greek policeman writing a penalty! Turn left here, remember well. Here begins the climb! Many stairs, you need comfortable shoes. Here begins a narrow forest trail, watch out for stones, snakes, roots… The climb is long and hard, use natural shade, make a break and drink plenty of water. This time I take too many things, the next time I was wearing half. There will be crowds here, people go down to the beach. Downhill lasts long, the track is narrow, people carry too many things and they can easily fall. Pay attention to these stairs, they are really uncomfortable! After about 20min walk we arrive at the beach. Now is the time to enjoy !!! Trust me, you’ll forget about the way after swimming. Important!!! Save the power to return! Thanks for watching this video!


  • Andrija Štulić


  • Martha Papazogloy

    omg I've passed this before 2 years ago…I felt like I was dying while I walked under a whooole mountain,but the beach was like my own paradise

  • stormy penguin


  • A K

    I had amazing time last year in lefkada! Managed to capture some fishes but most of all fantastic and crystal beaches! I feel very happy that i managed to compose this video of lefkada: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQZ8rFcXig4 Take a look if you want 🙂

  • Ogi-Wan Kenobi

    Koliko je ubrzan snimak..tj koliko realno ima peske ? jedno 20-30 min

  • The Beach Hunter

    Certainly worth the walk. The water on the West coast the best colour blue I have ever seen.
    Perhaps Lefkada is the most natural stunning of all the Greek islands with amazing landscape, incredible exotic waters and magnificent beaches. The Caribbean of Greece.
    I made a video on the island called 'The best beaches of Lefkada', Greece, it helps you find a beach that suits your taste as we countdown to the number one. (link below). Does Kathisma win best beach?


  • juan nann videografie

    This is such an awesome video you have inspired me! 🙂

  • zeljo024

    jeste ovo bili u Doboju na moru 😉

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    Please complete this survey about Lefkada, if you have visited this greek island in the past 3 years. Please share with other family and friends and encourage everyone in your home to complete the survey, as we are after feedback from different age groups.


  • larno daffa


  • Ivica Stosic

    Tesko je doci do plaze ali je vredelo, hvala na snimku.

  • Joca Crnja

    Druze da li je ovo iz Nidrija ka Milosu ?

  • timid elle

    I've been there this month! Woow, what an amazing place 😍

  • Saska Drapsin

    I have been working on my phone!!

  • petar petrov

    Plaza nista posebno ,toliko cimanje ….najbolja je itaka preko puta nidriya

  • Milano

    So how much time in total did the walk take?

  • Bozzaboo B

    Vidim neke vile iznad plaze…moze li se doci kolima do njih pa odatle da se spusti dole?

  • Marko Mirkovic

    Где кола оставити? Јел има паркинг места пре овог пешачења?

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