D: Stretching shouldn’t make you scream, go to the doctor. W: Wha- Joven! What did you do, Joven? J: Nope, I will go- W: Wait, wait, wait. J: I had a needle in my neck and I’m all drowsy- L: Welcome back, fools L: To Outlaster Island, or should I say Outlaster Die-land! W: It’s the pirate ship, why are we on Loser Island? L: Because you’re all losers, and you’re all going to die! D: I’ve never been here L: As you can see I can fly, I am now God. J: We invited you back to hang out, play some video games with us J: And this is how you repay us. L: Yes. This week on Smosh Games, we’re doing More-On Week L: Thanks to Pop-Tarts, and what More-On week is is we’re giving you L: More of the things you love. We asked you guys what you wanted to see, you said we want to see more Outlaster L: So, we’ve returned here to Outlaster Island. For those of you who weren’t here, Outlaster was a little mini series L: We did within Maricraft, where you all competed to be the last, well and me too competed to be the last one standing L: And so we’re going to give you more of that, but with a twist. This time instead of doing structured competitions L: You’re all going to be kind of running around collecting weapons L: Fighting each other and trying to get, kind of the best loot stash for the end game L: Where you’ll all be forced into an arena and forced to fight to the death L: For my entertainment! J: So it’s PUBG. L: Yeah, pretty much. But if you die you don’t die for good L: You just respawn back here on Loser Island. D: Lord of the Flies did it first you guys. Let’s stop giving PUBG all the credit J: Oh, you’re right. We have building materials and crafting materials. It’s Fortnite. B: Lasercorn, since you’re hosting B: What’s the prize? L: The prize is you don’t die. I won’t kill you. J: I don’t trust him, we’re still gonna die anyways B: No, I’m kind of looking for something a little bit more than that like if I’m gonna fight to the death- L: Oh, really? Look for this! B: Okay, I’ll do what he says, he’s crazy, he’s crazy! W: Lasercorn, I offer to you these ten melon seeds. B: You’re crazy! L: Your offering- uh, is acceptable D: So what, do you just say “start” as like our God now? L: I will say start! I will tell you what happens- J: Wait, he said start, he said start! B: He did say it, he did say it, I’m going- L: Run for your lives, fools! W: Woah, no, no, don’t shoot me! L: There are items scattered about, you will need these items to live and to kill other people, and oh look, lava zone! B: This is actually terrifying. D: He is crazy. W: Wait, I wonder if my hidden chest is still here. Is it here? W: Hidden chest? It is! Is there stuff in it? W:Yes, my chest! If I were a Lasercorn, where would I hide chests? W: Huh? Yes! W: One baked potato, really? Oh come on, there’s got to be more in these chests than just baked potatoes. J: Man, there was a point in time in my life where I lived on ramen and baked potatoes. D: Yo, I got golden pants! L: Uh, for you stragglers still on Loser Island, I would suggest heading to- to greener pastures. L: I’m not saying anything terrible is going to happen Loser Island, but uh, but it might, hey! L: What are you doing, Damien? D: What’s up? L: Yeah, you should probably get out of here and stop tampering with my TNT. W: Okay… Yes! L: Dear competitors, this is an announcement, if you are still on or around Loser Island L: Uh, you will need to vacate the premises immediately W: Okay! L: In three, two, W: No, no, no, no! L: HAHAHAHA! W: Geronimo! J: So, if I remember correctly J: Somewhere on the map here should be a place with a bunch of chests. L: Wow, one of you has moved to a really far away area. L: Congratulations, Jovenshire. J: What. L: Your travelling far distances has amused me. J: What, really? L: I will reward you- J: With arrows? L: -with a diam-, oh you want arrows? J: No. L: With a diamond sword. J: Sweet! B: What! L: Let this be a lesson to you other competitors, the spirit of adventure, uh, will be rewarded. L: Come to shore, Boze. The shore is safe. B: Yeah, I will come to shore. W: Alright, is it gonna be here- It’s here! Oh, please have my good stuff. Yes! W: Oh, it’s got all my stuff in it. D: Uh, Tim, can you fix that? J: I think you’re praying to the wrong God right now. W: Oh, yes! L: Fine. I guess I should do something about Wes, huh? W: Wait, why? L: It sounds like you’re discovering hidden caches that the other i- the other islanders don’t know about. W: I hid my old chest, and I found it. D: Honestly, Lasercorn, I’m feeling a little triggered. W: What? L: Well, we don’t want that. D: No, so take away Wes’ stuff. B: What’s all this dynamite here for? I knew you were gonna put all this stuff down and not do anything with it. L: Wait, you went the wrong way. B: I’m here now. I’m taking this dynamite, too. Oh, I got my own dynamite. W:I didn’t do anything to you, I gave you melon seeds. I made an offering. L: Hi, Wes. W: Hi. W: Wait, why, why- L: Your looting is, uh, going quite well, I see. W: Yep. L: We don’t want you having too much of an advantage over the other competitors. W: What, why? B: Yo, Lasercorn I have a Facebook message from Wes from yesterday that says “Lasercorn sucks, don’t tell anyone.” L/W: What? D: He did yell that. W: I didn’t say that at all! L: Blasphemy! B: Yeah, he did. Oh, I found another coconut! L: Let’s see how you do against my army of Vindicators! W: What is a Vindicator? L: Yes, get him, Vindicators! W: Oh, god. Well, I’m dead. L: Back to the island for you! W: What! Dang it. J: God, I’m like Bloodsport over here, just punching a stone. D: So, how’s everybody doing? D: I mean, this is a Hunger Games kind of deal, but I kind of feel like we’re all being good friends, huh? J: I’m pretty hungry. W: I’m gonna find and kill Damien and Boze. D: Alright. L: I approve of this. B: Uh, wait, you can’t do it yet. W: Yes, I- oh, yes I can. B: I thought we were just collecting right now. W: You guys lied about me, making up stuff. B: We ain’t lie about nothing. I got the messages to prove it. W: I got the enchanted sword to murder you. B: Good luck getting me in this dynamite fortress. D: I’ve never in said a lie about Wes, but I also heard that he steals. W: Where did you find all this, Boze? B: Wes? I will light it! Wes, I will light it! W: Light it! B: Oh, yeah? Okay! W: Aha! B: Where’d you go? Where’d you go? Oh my god, how do I light the dynamite? W: Mine! B: Did you really just take all my dynamite? W: *evil laugh* B: Oh, don’t worry, I got more. W: I bet you do. B: I’m gonna need somebody to tell me how to light this dynamite. J: I found an empty chest , that’s stupid. D: Diamonds! J: Wait, don’t look at my advancements, don’t look at my achievements. W: Oh, I know where you are Joven. J: No, you don’t! I would like to almost guarantee that you don’t. D: I do, cause I think I’m there too, Jovi. B: Hah, he called him Jovi! B: Call him Jovert, call him Jovert. D: Hey, Jovert, um, give me a dollar. J: Nope. W: Oh look, someone has been digging. D: Yes! L: Attention everyone in the southwest quadrant of the map, it appears you’ve awoken a wither, and he is a very- uh, wait L: Damn it. Forget I said that. How do I trigger a wither? J: You normally call it fat. B: Oh my god. Is this a-? B: What! I just found an underwater chest, it was all mysterious, and there’s nothing in it. B: Oh my god, it’s so mysterious and so empty. J: Oh! Hey guys, I am doing decently. W: Diamonds! L: Where is everybody? D: I thought you were gone? L: Shut up. B: I thought you were evil. D: Um, so Lasercorn, quick question. L: Yes? D: Um, if you do ever do ascend to godhood D: Would you at least be a little bit benevolent or like what? L: I’m more chaotic neutral. W: Oh, hi! Hi, Lasercorn. L: Hi there. Where are we? W: Uh, we are in a mineshaft. J: Hey Wes, you had no clue where I was. W: Aren’t you in the mines? J: Nope. W: Really? Well, that’s unfortunate. But it is fortunate that I’ve found so many diamonds. L: Uh, Wes you’ve awakened the wither! I’m afraid- W: AHHHHH! WHY! L: I’m afraid that the wither has awakened, and he is very angry. W: Why is he at angry me? W: I don’t have anything to kill him with. L: Yes, go my wither minion. Destroy Wes! W: Ow, ow, ow I dropped my map! Where’d he go? L: He’s hovering above you. Are you going to fight the wither? W: Ah, die, wither! W: Die, wither! L: Wow, he’s killing the wither. L: Oh! W: Aw, dang it. L: Yes, the wither is victorious. W: Aw, man, my armors being broken. Lasercorn! Get all the other people! You’ve killed me twice. L: Yeah, but you know where all the stashes are. W: I only knew where those were! I’m out of stash locations. D: Hey, Lasercorn. L: Yes? D: Are you able to teleport us? L: To where- where would you like to go? D: Uh, just not underground anymore? L: Yeah, yeah, I got you. L: Just give me a second. D: Oh! Thank you Lasercorn. L: Welcome to the treetops. D: Would you like anything in tribute? D: I have a Golden Apple. L: Ah, yes, I would like to see how you fare against this Vindicator. So, go! D: What? What are you talking about? L: He’s vindicating you! D: I don’t want to be vindicated, dude. L: Yes, fight for my amusement! D: There we go. L: Oh, hey, good work! D: Thank you, thank you, God. L: As a reward, take this, uh L: I don’t know, a golden apple! D: Ay! W: What? B: Yeah that’s right, run away Lasercorn- Oh my god, what is that? L: Uh, I think it’s called an Elder Gaurdian. L: I shouldn’t have spawned it on dry land. B: Get down here and fight me like a man, stop spawning your little minions. L: Oh, you want to go? B: Yeah. L: Is that what you’re saying? B: Yeah, you better believe it B: If I can get to the top of this tree top, you’re going down. L: All right. B: What are you do-? What are you doing? L: I’m- I’m becoming human. B: Okay. Yeah, come over here. L: I have transcended into human form! B: Oh, I’m ready. L: Now die! B: Wait, wait, let me get my- Wait, wait, wait, I’m getting my thing- L: Let’s see how you fare against a God in mortal form. B: I am, I am. Where did you go? B: I swear to God, I swear to God. B: You’ll never get me. L: Wait, where’d you go? B: That’s right. L: Into the water! B: Come on, nerd. I’m regenerating health very quickly. God, you are gaining. Oh my god! L: Yes! I’ve defeated you in mortal form. L: True, I gave myself a bunch of weapons and armor, but still, I defeated you, and now I return to godhood. J: Oh, oh! Ow, ow, what was this? Ow! J: Lasercorn, did you do this? L: What did I do? J: I don’t know, did you at release caterpillars on me?
W: Caterpillars? J: Lasercorn? L: Ah, Jovenshire in the maze, I see. J: Oh, hi. W: In the maze? J: Dammit. D: Wait, Joven’s in the maze? J: No, he’s saying that I’m amazing. L: No, no one said that. D: He wouldn’t say that. L: No one ever says that. J: No, someone’s gotta say it eventually. D: Joven, keep up the good, um- J: Damn it. L: Oh, Joven, I fear this maze is about to get significantly more dangerous. J: Oh, no. J: Hello? J: Okay, run the other way! L: Joven, how you doing in that maze there, buddy? J: You know, just creeped out. L: Creeped out? Speaking of creepy… J: What? L: You know what the space needs? L: Spawn ’em in here, yeah, there we go. J: Aha! L: Welcome to the Creeper maze, Joven. J: *singing* Welcome to the Crepper maze! D: *singing* We got lots of creeps! D: You can’t stop there if I’m gonna join in with you, Joven. L: Wait, where’d you go? L: Did you- did you get out? L: Damn it. I thought you were somewhere else. L: Ten minutes remain! W: Oh God. D: Are you kidding me? B: Jesus! L: Gather what weapons and armor you can! B: Oh, Jesus. L: The final showdown aproaches! D: It’s at the arena, right? L: Yes. D: Oh, god. D: Okay. B: God, I wanna go all the way up there. B: Oh! Oh, mama like! B: Oh, mama really like! B: Well… oh! B: Okay, it works. It works. B: Oh my god, I blew up this goat. L: Your desire to blow things up pleases the gods. J: Now you’re speaking his language. L: Here’s some TNT, go and make chaos! B: Okay! I’ll make you proud! L: Thank you. D: Daddy, can I have some TNT for something on me? L: Yes, you’ve requested TNT? D: Oh, actually yeah, if you’re here. L: Oh, were you just being sarcastic? No. I mean- L: Cause I’ll give you some TNT! D: Dude! W: This final battle is gonna be a real interesting. D: Yeah, or quick. D: Thank you, good sir. W: Oh, oh god Lasercorn, for my valiant efforts fighting the Wither, could I have some arrows? L: No. B: My man said, “No.” L: Your looting of chests that only you had knowledge of displeased me. W: I didn’t only have knowledge. L: You hid those chests in Outlaster, and then looted them now. W: That’s accurate. L: Wes, I think you’re gonna do fine in the final. L: I’m not giving you anymore advantages. D: I’ve built myself a nice little vantage point here. Hope you all don’t try to be king of the castle. D: It’s not going to work for you. W: If I know Lasercorn, and I know Tim W: They would probably hide some really powerful gear in the volcano. Oh, the top! W: Ow! W: Okay, here we go. Here we go in the lava. This is bad. Oh, okay, I’m good. Okay. Okay, nope, volcano. W: I remember this from Outlaster, it’s always terrifying- frickin’ lava. W: No! W: Dang it. W: Well, there goes that. J: Oh, what’s this? J: Oh, I remember this. J: Yeah, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy. L: You know I always thought this obstacle course a little too easy. J: Oh, hi Lasercorn- AHHHH! L: Bounce your way out of that, Joven. J: Save me, sheep. L: Joven, I must admit. Your escape from my lava trap was impressive. J: Thanks. L: I shall reward thee. D: Bees… L: Diamond pants and diamond armor- bees! I wish… I wish I had bees. J: I graciously accept my- my gift from the gods above J: For, you know, trying to kill me then rewarding me for not dying. L: All right competitors, your time is up. L: One by one you will be summoned to the arena D: Oh my, oh my. L: Gear up and prepare for the final confrontation, you will fight for my entertainment- L: You know what this arena needs is more lava. Not enough lava in this arena. D: Oh, my that’s gonna be so much more than I thought there’d be. I’m so ready for this fight, you guys. L: I need you all to step down into the arena. W: Damien, do you have dual diamond swords? W: You also have dual diamond swords! I got a gold sword. L: The rules are very simple. J: Hey, Wes, come stand over here. L: You are all to try and mi- L: Hey, who put TNT there? J: Not me. L: Alright, so the rules are simple; try and murder each other, do not leave the arena, or I will murder you. L: Look at Boze with her TNT. L: Basically what’s going to happen is I’m going to give you a 10-second countdown and at the end of that ten seconds L: I want you to begin battling. As time goes on, the arena will become more and more dangerous. L: So keep that in mind. Alright! Ten, nine, eight, J: What? L: Seven, six, five, four, three J: Wasn’t listening. B: Oh my god. L: Two L: One, begin! L: Alright… L: Who’s this over here? W: Ow, why did you shoot at me? L: What, that was- I shot you with an arrow of regeneration. W: Oh. L: And now I regret doing that. J: Always me, shoot. L: I shouldn’t have given you regeneration. I didn’t realize that was you. L: We got to even things out a little. W: I don’t have- I don’t have any weapons! W: Lasercorn, I don’t have weapons! L: What, why not? W: Because I got a golden sword, you killed me so many times! B: Let’s kill him! W: Screw you! D: Bye, Boze. B: What? B: I’m dead… J: What? L: Boze has been defeated. L: Wait, Joven, what are you doing? J: Making it- Ow! W: Yes! I got Joven! L: Who’s left? Just Damein? D: Hold up, I have an idea. L: Wait, where are you going? D: Bye, guys. W: Oh, god! OH GOD-! D: *singing* The best laid plans work out well. J: Wait, no, I respawed all the way over here! L: Yeah, you’re out of the competition Joven, you’ve died. J: No! W: Come down here. D: Why don’t you come up here, man? W: Cause I can’t come up there! D: Well the withers are making me fly up, so there’s not much I can do. L: Those aren’t withers. Here, let me help you get up there, Wes. W: Okay. W: What are these? Oh God, what the hell are those? L: You said you were having trouble getting up. Those are my shulkers. Up, up, and away with you. W: Wait- Oh, that’s actually fun. D: How do I get this wither, it’s up in the sky, dude? This is not fighting Wes, this is not what I signed up for. W: Where is Damien? D: It’s in the sky. I’m in the arena fighting this wither, gosh-darn! W: All right, I’m trying to get up there. D: This withery gosh-darn wither! L: That’s true, you didn’t sign up for that, and I don’t want you to die to a wither. It’s taking a lot of damage, though. D: Yeah, I’ve been… surviving. W: All right, Damein, let’s- let’s team up against the wither. D: Okay, as soon as I see you, we’ll do it. W: I’m killing it right now! Oh, I’m out of- I’m out of ammo. L: Why is it not dying? W: Oh god, there’s another one! W: I’m in the lava! D: Lava, lava!. W: This is bad! L: I regret spawning this thing and I want to de-spawn it now. D: Please dude. Are we still fighting each other, Wes? W: I don’t know! D: Let’s fight each other, let’s do it! Blaze of glory! D: Blaze of- no, no! W: Yes! L: I can’t stop the wither I’ve created. W: Where’s Damien? D: I’m up at top again because this enemy makes you float when they chose you. L: Yeah, I thought that would be funny, and it is. W: Lava, I’m in the lava! Now what? D: I’m fighting a wither, so we’ve got equal environmental things against us right now. W: No, no, that’s not working, okay, out of the lava, out of the lava. D: You fool. L: Wait, are you dual-wielding? D: You know it. W: I don’t have a weapon anymore! D: You know it, Buster Brown! L: You guys wanted to have an epic lava battle, here you go. D: Wes, this is for every time you’ve screwed me over in BoardAF! L: You have potion of fire resistance? W: I don’t have any weapons. Get down here and fight me like a man, Damien! W: I don’t have any weapons because Lasercorn killed me six times! L: Opps! Oh no, look at that, you’ve fallen into the lava, too. Looks like you’ll have to fight down there.
W: Charge! L: All right. B: Did you just wall him off? L: What are you doing? D: I’ve walled him off. B: Wow, Damien coming in hot with this logic and strategy. L: Uh oh, TNT! D: Yes, die, yes! L: Oh my god! W: Into the lava with you! W: I have the higher ground, but I don’t have a weapon, all I have- L: Finish the fight! L: Finish the figh! W: Oh god, oh god. D: I’m chasing- you telling me to fight like a man and die with honor, you running like- W: You have weapons! I have a bottle! D: That’s your fault! W: What do you mean it’s my fault! D: We had an equal amount of time! W: He has a better weapon, he has an actual weapon, I have a bottle! B: Hey, don’t say anything- Legend of Zelda, you can beat the game with a empty bottle. D: That’s true, thank you Boze. W: Can I at least have, like a regular sword? L: Here’s a gold sword. W: Thank you, that’s at least something. W: Yes, get in the lava, stay in the lava! B: Oh my god. L: Oh hey, some TNT. B: This really is Outlaster. Oh, Joven, you want to place bets? J: My bet, yes, my bet is that, uh- L: Kaboom! J: Lasercorn wins. W: NO! D: YES, YES! L: And we have a winner! D: This is for every time that Wes has taken me down in BoardAF for no reason. B/J: Damien won! D: This is for Colt Express, this is for all of it. J: All right, this means we can’t hear about Colt Express again. B: Oh, somebody’s bitter. L: Congratulations. Here is your prize. D: Get out of here with those creepers! L: Several thousand creepers! W: Were you even close to dying?
D: Uh, yeah man, I’m at one heart L: Enjoy your prize! L: Your fighting to the death has pleased me, so you have that as a reward. D: Thank you, Laser man. B: I didn’t fight cause I don’t want to get my hands dirty. D: You didn’t fight cause you died. B: Was I rooting for you just now? D: Did you bet on me? B: Yes I did. D: I appreciate that. B: I sure did. W: Joven. J: What? W: Snowballs! L: So Damien has won Outlaster, he is the final survivor. Damien, what would you like a prize? D: I would like- L: No, I don’t care, I just
decided no prize for you. D: Cool. The prize is entertaining your god, Lasercorn. L: Okay! J: Now that sounds like Lasercorn. L: MariCraft over. B: Thanks for watching guys, and thanks for Pop-Tarts for sponsoring this video. What’s better than frosting? More frosting! And, more on Smosh all the rest of this week! If you want to see more Outlaster, click to the left, And, for something special, click to the right!


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