Welcome to Cane Garden Bay, in the British Virgin Islands! (BVI) CARIBBEAN

Today finds us in Cane Garden Bay in the
Northwest side of Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands Cane Garden Bay has always been a
favorite, and home to many things first of all it has one of the longest and most beautiful beaches in the BVI and it’s also one other favorite spots
among the surfing community when the North swell builds when that happens is not a time we want
to be here in the Anchorage but right now is a nice time, it’s calm water and
we thought we’d come in and take a little flight around and have a look! Cane Garden Bay is also home to some of
our favorite establishments we’ve been coming to for years and bringing charter
guest year after year they always love it you’ve got Myett’s Beach Bar & Grill down
on the end at the beach with live music almost every single night You’ve got Quito’s Restaurant and Happy Hour bar and you can hear Quito and the Edge perform live several times a week and you’ve got Rhymer’s and many many more!
So when you’re in the area don’t forget to stop by and see Cane
Garden Bay it’s definitely worth a visit!

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