Whale shark and manta ray cleaning station on Maldives with iCom Excursions Center Maldives 4K

We have our whale shark trip with ICom tours Maafushi!) Dear friends! Its a must be trip if you are on Maldives! It was great!!! Its not an easy trip – its as expedition!) Whole day you have to be ready for chase!!!) The first stop is Manta point and here you get comfortable pleasure to see this creature) This is the cleaning station for Mantas) Now we have to find whale sharks! Whale sharks are very fast creaturs)) So be ready to swim very fast and long)) Please be careful with whale sharks – they are very shy!!! One tourist from our group just litle bit touch it be the fin and it go away to the depth(((( Guys from ICom – you are the best!!!!))) We need to find the whale shark again… and again chase)))) Its really good we find another one!!!) Now we get even bigger whale shark))) This colorful print is absolutely unique)) The best time to find the whale shark is when the water lewel is high enough…. One more stop on local island) The ocean sometimes really wild))) Be ready for that)) Great thank you for watching! Please Put your thumbs up! Subscribe with the ring buttom!) Feel free to ask all your questions!!!


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