What Happened In North Sentinel Island Untouched For 60,000 Years

What is more dangerous to a human being? A simple flu or a tsunami? If you said ‘tsunami’–
these people would disagree. Meet the Sentinelese tribe. The most isolated tribe in the world. They live in North Sentinel island,
in the Indian Ocean. More attentive viewers may have just noticed
the mysterious object under the blue water. It is the cargo ship Primrose, which ran from
Bangladesh to Australia and was caught by a typhoon in 1981. Several days later an urgent radio message
was received. It stated that the crew was attacked by some
wild men with bows and spears. Luckily, the crew members escaped via helicopter. The tribe that they encountered was the Sentinelese,
who are assumed to be direct descendants of the first humans who emerged from Africa. The tribe violently reject any contact with
the outside world and is believed to be untouched by modern civilization for almost 60 000 years! However we know a couple of facts thanks to
the Indian anthropologist Triloknath Pandit. In this picture, taken in 1991, we can see
Mr. Pandit presenting gifts of coconuts to the Sentinelese people. It was the first peaceful contact with the tribe. Their language and the exact population remains
a mystery to this day. Indian government has banned all travel to
the island because it’s too dangerous not only for visitors, but for the local people as well. They are not immune to modern diseases and
a simple cold or flu could wipe them out, so it is better for them to be left alone.The
first contact with the Sentinelese was made in 1880 when British explorers captured an
old Sentinelese couple and some children, but unfortunately the couple got sick and
died. The kids were returned to the island immediately. Who knows, this may be the reason behind
the aggression that they show nowadays? In 2004, the Indian Ocean tsunami took the
lives of almost 2 000 people in the archipelago. The North Sentinel Island was also affected. The terrain changed drastically as the whole
island rose higher from the ocean. It was feared that the tribe did not survive
the natural disaster and Indian navy sent a helicopter to check on them. However, the navy was greeted in a usual manner
– with bows and arrows. Proving that they did survive after all. What if we told you another survival story,
which happened this time in a civilized society like America? Actually, in the epicenter of New York? The tragic story of a woman who did not break
any laws, yet the government imprisoned her in a now-abandoned island for almost 30 years
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  • Bored Panda

    An American tourist just recently went to this island where he was… killed with arrows and spears on the spot. Allegedly, the reason that he went there, was as a Christian Missionary.

    We should stay away from these tribes and respect their space. For those who can't satisfy their curiosity, here's a video about another tribe from the same region, that avoids contact with the outsiders as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rlEJPdCvb8

  • Mosa Pud

    let them be

  • Duhh Help

    What if we send somebody that is looking similar to their tribe?????

  • The Catmother

    civilised society like America lmao

  • Anthony

    Great vacation! I and my family went had the time of our lives. The human sashimi is a local favorite.

  • Santhosh Dhanapalan


  • Much Bros

    This niggas wild af

  • Jins Alex

    Most happiest people on Earth for sure

  • SageAir13

    Life there must be….. interesting. Storm magnet, inability to create fire and a minuscule, likely inbred population that has robustly passed each generation of regurgitated knowledge for 50,000+ years. They have nothing to explore and no intent of ambition. Do they believe in god? Have they believed the same god for 50,000 years while we question a god 2000 years old? Can they utilize paper? How well can they write to begin with, using dialect reminiscent of precursor civilizations? This tribe is too interesting.

  • J D

    So, they are relatives with the first people emerging from Africa… I never heard that one. OH, wait, I did….

  • dizzy_days

    im pretty sure that in a couple of years, when people will invent soundless drones (maybe they are already invented), we will see more of their life

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