Wild Elephant Jungle Rescue (Part 1) [4K] | Borneo Wildlife Warriors (S02E03) | SZtv

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] last night the WR you received a rescue call a large bull elephant has been spotted feeding in a palm oil plantation in the south of Sabah would not a moment to lose myself dr. Paki and Rangers Ezrin hasni and one and set up on a cross state road trip now the team are all very excited about the prospect of catching this elephant topping you all you tell me why you save gotcha see [Music] several hours and out of tune notes later we’ve finally arrived at the plantation with such a long journey and with night already upon us the search will have to wait until morning [Music] teaming up with the plantation workers a Wildlife Department staff on-site we went straight to the last known spot our elusive elephant was seen the guys think that the elephants probably come through here quite recently you can see a track it’s clear we have a real challenge on our hands each morning the elephant leaves the nearby forests to feed on new palms in the plantation in a single day a bull elephant can cause thousands of ring it’s worth of damage as well as potentially harming the plantation workers for the safety of both the elephant and the people we must rescue and relocate this wild bull as soon as possible from now on you’re going keep the pieces for you there’s any danger the back then I can’t you have time to also turn and run so you don’t bump into each other it’s a clear exit [Music] in the bush we spotted evidence of the elephant’s presence well I would see definitely more than six probably seven hundred seven or eight-foot so we now know we’ve got a big elephant on our hands so here we definitely have elephant dung it’s not fresh but it’s more proof that you’ve been in the area so what really starting to lose light now and that it’s just gonna make our job even harder and it’s pretty unnerving knowing that at any corner you can bump into a three-ton elephant [Music] however despite a day spent searching there was still no sightings of our elephant this is like looking for a very large needle in a very large haystack with the light fading fast we were forced to call it a day the early bird catches the elephant think what it was like yesterday try to find an elephant in a thick jungle now add in the fact that it’s pitch black there’s mist everywhere and it’s been raining all right [Music] then suddenly our luck changed I’ve got no idea where Packers but if I’m not mistaken that is an elephant that’s a big elephant and he’s moved into a big forest keeping up the chase we headed into the forest and hot on his tracks [Music] [Music] some are on the right track you having the right dish or set their head against stuff in the pasture with one dart a direct hit we carried on deeper into the forest with eyes on our target this was it another dark could be enough to put him to sleep elephant to wildlife rescue unit zero as it stands don’t remind me but another day down and still no elephants how much longer could we keep this up [Music] with team morale at an all-time low I started to believe [Music] but this is the WR you hear quitting is simply not an option okay we’ve seen er this is probably our best chance to capture the elephant business out in the open it’s also penned in by this electric fence so pretty much make or break now as in look with tired legs from six hours of traffic will set off running trying to get up close enough to hit the target both in so that’s two more dance in the elephant and very soon this is gonna be one big dosti packet er so got make sure we stay hot let’s tracks because otherwise all this morning’s work is for nothing following the now drowsy elephant deep into the dense journal only fatigue began to set in yeah what was that [Music] forget bootcamp this was the real thing this was tough getting a breaking point here [Music] unable to keep up with the pace I soon lost contact with the other Rangers mercifully dr. Paki stayed with me oh I feel like I wish I’d never got into wildlife filmmaking feel like I wish I’ll still in London might have a spa day now there you go so pop up a few beers it’s a football on Saturday afternoon this is good fun I think at least it will be good fun anyway when I look back on it in a day or two when the deep emotional scars of him get out of it well properly lost in the jungle lawston with no way of contacting the boys we have no choice but to retrace our steps [Music] yeah I guess I’m right guess you’re right and guess I’m right oil palm is better than jungle the only time I’m ever going to say that we see the electrical fence ah oh sweet electrical fence my legs have stopped working but little did we know this was anything but freedom so we’ve managed to make her way out of the forest but now we’re just lost in the palm oil plantation we’ve got no water we’ve got no food we’ve got no idea where the guys are it’s all a bit of a mess [Music] The Dispensing sheltered from the Sun the Valkyries made our way out of the forests we’re now lost in the palm oil plantation not good this is not good at all [Music] [Music] [Music]

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